12 February 2022


LUPERCALIA festival Valentine's Day 14/2 TRUCKERS GALORE.. V for VENDETTA!! Covers a LOT!!! and FULL MOON 16/2 on REGULUS/leO LION RAW/WAR and Sun on Fomlhaut The Canadian Flag is the MAPLE MAY/DAY MA/HEM M'AIDER MAD 4x4 D DAY Yes you CAN Omaha Obama Beach CAEN CANNES of Worms flower FLEUR de LYSS LUCY/FLEUR/FER IRON LADY aka the MAY/POLE LIBERTY POLE ADIDAS tribe of DAN CAN/ADA/DNA//DI/ANA/DANA/AIDS/ADIDAS OM MARS/SAY Marseille BAY B rising Meat Loaf/MERLIN ORION 13/B Ophiuchus Taurus MOON Goddess KALI JFK Kut North node on ALGOL/MEDUSA Full Moon making SQUARE to North/node South Node and Flag of Can/ADDER was first risen on When I AM 64 1964 FEBRUARY 15th .. This is MASSIVE... National Flag of Canada Day, commonly shortened to Flag Day, is observed annually on February 15

SUN/SON KING STADIUM GERS/32/23 Twin 5/5 DNA strands is SAY/10 MIR/AND/E/A/ Means KING/PRINCE of ANDA/DANA/ADN/DNA SAY TEN Mir (Persian: مير) (which is derived from the Arabic title Emir 'general, prince') is a rare ruler's title in princely states and an aristocratic title generally used to refer to a person who is a descendant of a commander in medieval Muslim tradition. ⭐ Cinq prévenus gersois, dont l’ancien maire de Mirande, seront à la barre du tribunal d’Auch ce jeudi pour faire la lumière sur le financement du Sun Stadium par le festival de country de la commune gersoise entre 2010 et 2013. https://www.ladepeche.fr/2022/02/09/gers-lheure-du-proces-sur-le-financement-presume-du-sun-stadium-par-le-festival-country-de-mirande-10099713.php

The Liberty Pole, an object of no small significance was embraced by the American rebels throughout the English Colonies during the Revolutionary War period. It was an object that originated in the ancient Greek and Roman Empires, and which would be utilized to announce and proclaim Liberty even after the American Revolutionary War had ended. The French, when they overthrew their sovereign, embraced the Liberty Pole with as much fervor as their American cousins.

YUP we are at Fiery Serpent On The Pole X Marks the SPOT MER/LION being risen RED/BLACK/WHITE and the GREEN MAN Mercury/Capricorn JUPITER in AQUARIUS The Puss in boots GINGER CAT on a hot tin roof.. Year of the TIGER 2022 WATer tiger aka MER/LION Full Moon LeO The SpaceX Merlin is a family of rocket engines developed by SpaceX for use on its Falcon 1, Falcon 9 and Falcon Heavy launch vehicles. Merlin engines use RP-1 and liquid oxygen as rocket propellants in a gas-generator power cycle. The Merlin engine was originally designed for sea recovery and reuse. The injector at the heart of Merlin is of the pintle type that was first used in the Apollo Lunar Module landing engine (LMDE).

The shift we are making onto the Aquarius/LeO axis from Pisces/VirgO On that GAP the LIE/ON LYON LEON takes the water Moon goddess and makes merlin MER/LION and Cap Ri Corn becomes the Black madonna VirgO la marianne and her Duaphin/MerLion Apprentice... RED is also LIBRA and White is SCORPIO Tribe of DAN CAN/ADA/NADA CAN/TIN CANARD/CANTON DUCK/GOOSE The D DAY Diving Duck JOur G RED/WHITE/PInk Panther Red/Yellow/Orange Black/White/GRAY D'ORION ... The Silver gate is being risen prematurely as north node head of milkyway is between taurus/Aries and south Node Tail between ScorpiO/libra they crown the JOKER to take the Golden gate now and to Crown The silver gate in the Golden gate axis .. as we are at X marks the spot Jour G the constellation of scorpiO/Sagittarius the Galactic Gap is being crowned The milky way closes in 9 yrs North node in scorpiO they are rising MC ORION Taurus PAN as North node JFK Kut Jelly Fish is the milky way KUT as North nodes is in the GAP of Taurus/Aries, South node moves into Libra/Omega Tribe of DAN they Cut ScorpiO so IsIs doesn't rise as the Eagle again on correct MC .. ALEF/Taurus TAV/22/V ARIES to crown PAN The Green MAN MC/Orion turning the 5 pointed star upside down to make the fake MC/DSC instead of correct last leg MC/ASC in 9yrs time.. its the SAy 10 ten tribes of DAN cut off ..fake J/B James Bond last 90 degree angle AIG/L L'EGG .. SUN/MOON solstice merges South and Saturn CROWN North North Aquarius/Capricorn they are merging SAG/CAP to make the BEE/Tyger Ginger CAT on a hot tin roof.. to crucify fixed cross in the Mutable skull n Bone cross and merging mutable with cardinal GAS to crown the dauphin Ophiuchus 13/B.. JUPITER/TIN MARS/FER/IRON MAR/TIANS MARS/VENUS Equinox and Sun Moon Solstice close before expansion again..its the CAN CAN Flip Flop

Deadly Valentine.. Alchemical Wedding SPLIT JFK KUT from Cupid/Gemini/SIRIUS to Valentine/Sagittarius/ALTAIR From CV to VC FLIP FLOP PICNIC PICK PIC PEAK de MIDI MC/SOLAR 13/B Ophiuchus GAP NIKE NIC NIQUE TA MER CAP RI CORN becomes MER/LION MERLIN at HANGING ROCK VICTORIA Teddy Bear NORTH STAR from NL Nellie to LN HELL/N ROUND and ROUND the GARDEN like a teddy Bear One step Two step TICKLY under There....

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